Visitation Staff

Company Name:
Northwest Computer, Financial,& Social Services
General Description:
Providing supervised visitation services for parents who(m) have been court ordered to be monitored while visiting their child(ren) by arranging and supervising visitations between children and family members. Documenting client contact and parent/child interactions. Providing expert witness testimony in court as needed. Preparing and presenting written and oral testimony for court proceedings. Maintaining client files. Conflict resolution. Customer relations. Participate in, promote, and carry out the company's programs and activities within the office and local community. Working with culturally/ethnically diverse and all socio-economic level families. Referring clients to community agencies for supportive services such as consultation, problem resolution, and crisis counseling. Explaining department policies and provisions of the law.
Work experience requirements:
One or more years experience working with culturally/ethnically diverse and all socio-economic level families.
Good writing and oral communication skills
Basic computer skills in using Windows operating system and Microsoft Office
Own vehicle
Valid drivers license and current car insurance
Must be able to pass a criminal and DCFS background check
Current CPR/First Aide card (preferred)
Multi-lingual (preferred)
Education Requirements
High School diploma or GED
B.A. or higher level degree in Social Services or another closely related field (preferred)

Don't Be Fooled

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